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CYA1852 CAMBOYA Camboya EDU/ART/CULT 03/06/2018 14/06/2018

CYA Learning Center

Education, Culture and Sustainable Development

CYA - LEARNING CENTER (CLC) started in May 2014 and we are now providing a free alternative education for children and teenagers in Praphnom commune, Angkor Chey district, Kampot province. Three classrooms were built and 285 students are now studying English with their international and local volunteer’s teachers. CYA – Learning Center is now also providing the computer course for the teenagers and one library is now accessing free by CYA-learning Center students and children around the community. Because of the fast development of this project, in 2016, CYA is going to work closely with local people in the community for income generation. For income generation program CYA is going to work on organic farming and handicraft to involve local people in the farming process and making local products for selling in the city. At the same time, CYA also plans to create a weekend market where farming products and handcraft products will be sell here.  

In 2016, CYA – Learning Center is in needs of more volunteers to help us implementing our project and there will be many things for volunteers to learn from. We welcome all motivated volunteers to join us in making change in this community and learn great thing from this community as well. 

Join us at CYA Learning Center to bring the parents back home to the village, to bring the children back to school, to make Russeydom a lively village back again for hundreds of families.  Join us to support our culture of peace and sustainability. 

Food and Accommodation: The volunteers are going to stay in the volunteer hosue which is located about 100 meters away from the center. The accommodation is provided with sleeping mattress, mosquito net, pillows, and blankets. There toilet and shower room, but the the volunteers are going to share with each other. The food is going to be prepared by the hosting family, but we are asked to wash the dishes by ourselves.  

Aims and activities of the workcamp: