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CYA1850 CAMBOYA Camboya EDU/ART/CULT 02/06/2018 13/06/2018

CYA-Global Education Center

Education, Culture and Construction

CYA – GLOBAL EDUCATION CENTER SIEM REAP was started in August 2016 as a non-profit education center which aims at providing free alternative education for children and teenagers, providing local youth and local people chances to learn languages, computer, and to have access to global education/information through internet and our library and to have their first chance to meet and interact with different people from different cultures and backgrounds from around the world. 

There are classes from the afternoon till 7 pm in the night where the students who take their time off from their classs at the public school to learn the language with the local and international volunteers as their supplementary education.  

Volunteers are contributions to interactive language teachings with the children, and handy support in giving physical construction in enabling the convenience of both teaching and learning. The next step of the development plan for the center for 2018 is going to be the office for the teachers, garden, toilets, playgorunds for the children during their free time before and after class. We strongly believe that the mentioned infrastructure will be able to achieve in the coming summer. 

 Food and Accommodation: The volunteers are going to stay in Angkor Voluntary House which is a guesthouse providing a proper facility for the volunteers which is bed with mattresses, fan, pillows and blanket. There is a shower room and toilet in each room provided. The food will be prepared by the staff, but we are asked to make the washing by ourselves. There is wifi provided, but limited of data usage. There is a local market just in front of the accommodation, some restaurants with various types of food, where you can find easy access to enjoy your daily free time.  

Aims and activities of the workcamp: 

• Meeting people and children for socializing with the local residence on purpose multi- cultural learning and sharing.  

• Visiting local village in purpose of seeing the real situation of living standard of the family   in the village. 

• Giving hands and ideas for developing the look of the center to be seen as Global Learning Environment.    

• Contributing in English teaching for the children at Global Education Center in cooperation with the center manager for the teaching manual.

• Organizing inter-cultural sharing with the children in the community of SVAY THOM Village 

• Supporting the community project instructed by the center manager and staff