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RC-32/18 INDIA DELHI EDU , 12/11/2018 24/11/2018

NON-FORMAL EDUCATION | RC-32/18 | 2018-11-12 - 2018-11-24 | EDU , | Age: 18 - 88


RUCHI with Nangloi Learning Centre partner

Work: Our partner runs a Learning Center in Nangloi informal settlement where young kids are taught in informal way. An arts and crafts centre for poor women is also working at the same place. Sewing skills are taught. Volunteers will work and teach children through creative educational methods and work with women improving their skills for economic activity. Health and hygiene education may also be included.

Accomodation and food: Volunteers will live in the Learning Centre or Host Family. Simple basic amenities will be available. Asian squat type toilet or English WC will be available. Vegetarian food will be served. A cook will be there but volunteers are expected to help him and occasionally cook their own meals and maintain cleanliness. Sleeping bag is desirable.

Location: DELHI

Location and Leisure: Nangloi a suburb on outskirts of New Delhi was an area where all migratory labour use to reside who came to New Delhi looking for work as our capital city was rapidly expanding. In 1972 a medical camp was established here to serve marginalized J.J. colony / slum residents on voluntary basis. Its sole purpose was to provide medicines for various diseases free of costs to residents. Overtime this medical camp has transformed into a learning centre aiming to improve employability skills of youth living in these establishment. This centre runs on cooperative basis where students pay a small amount to cover basic cost of teacher.Self organized city tours and excursions to visit heritage sites in the city, do endless shopping. Taj Mahal in Agra can also be visited on a week-end.

Train/Bus station: New Delhi

Requirements: interest in working with kids and women, motivation.

Language: eng,eng

Extra Fee: 250.00 EUR