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CYA1851 CAMBOYA Camboya EDU/ART/CULT 02/06/2018 13/06/2018

Chea Smon E-Learning Center

Education, Culture and Constuction


Chea Smon is a village located by the Tonle Sab, a big lake which the center of water running in and out to provide the availability for farmers to grow their crops and rice, and fishermen to earn living from fishing. On the other hand, there is the percentage of poor families who do not acquire sufficient opportunities for other jobs and education. Students drop out of school when they turn adults in order to make living for the families, and the sanitation of living is not in good standards that children and old people are facing with this awareness.  

 In late 2014, CYA is requested to have the project in this community, CheaSmon village, in cooperating with CheaSmon primary and secondary school. The project aims at providing opportunity for children to have chances to learn languages, computer, and to have access to global education/information, creating more job opportunities for villagers, and helping local school to have proper facilities and materials for their education program. In 2016, CYA has successfully organized the workcamps in this campsite with 131 international volunteers participated and this year 2017, CYA is going to organize different activities to achieve our goals in supporting 1) students’ education; 2) school facilities and security; and 3) community improvement according to the needs assessment we conducted early 2016.  

 In providing community services, the volunteers are able to participate in the agricultural activities with the local. Helping the farmers in watering crops, sharing the daily life. That has been a great community experiences that both local and international volunteers could contribute in the social engagement and personal development to understand the social contexts as reflection of the global trends. 

Food and Accommodation: All the volunteers are going to live in a local family house with basic living facility is provided – mosquito net, blanket, pillows, and mattress. There are fans provided, but sometimes it is not needed due to the change of temperature in the early morning. There are three shared toilets for both volunteers and the hosting families; although there is no shower, trying bathing is an interesting experience in the local way of living. The food also provided by the hosting family, but you are welcome to assist in daily cooking.  

Aim and activities of the Workcamp: 

• To engage with the local children and teenagers in daily work using English language and interaction with international and national volunteers 

• To exchange and learn about Cambodian culture between international, national volunteers and local people.

• To explore unique experience of being able to explore the life features that has not commonly seen by all.  

• To promote global education among Cambodian young students who participate in Chea Smon primary and secondary school.  

• Visiting local village in purpose of seeing the real situation of living standard of the family in the village. 

• Supporting agricultural activities with the local families  

• To teach English to the children in Kompong Pluk Community who come for English lesson at Chea Smon School  

• Organize a cultural sharing with the students 

• Experiencing in “Community Real Life Experience” which purposefully create to reduce your stereotypes about Cambodian people, at the meantime, involve you in deep cultural learning and awareness.