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VYA-1814GOODO TAIWAN TAINAN CITY RENO, 27/08/2018 07/09/2018

OLD HOUSE NEW LIFE-ABANDON DORMITORY CONSERVATION | VYA-1814GOODO | 2018-08-27 - 2018-09-07 | RENO, | Age: 18 - 40


In 2008, The Foundation Historic City Conservation and Regeneration started the charity event U(Old House New LifeU through civil society. We promote supporting the excellent old house regeneration. It attracted lots of attention and resonated with the public. The U(Old House New LifeU has become more and more visible in few years. The old town of Tainan which were on the decline got the recognization and confidence back by public participation. The event U(Old House New LifeU will reach its 10 years anniversary by 2018. Therefore, we arrange a series of projects to celebrate it, including the international volunteering camp. At our 10 years ofU(Old House New LifeU anniversary, FHCCR would like to work with a university NCKU to bring some old houses back to life. The repairing of the houses will be complete by the international volunteers under the instruction of FHCCR. The work includes building reconstruction, indoor tidy, yard maintaining, etc. We hope that by the end of this camp, the repairing can bring not only a new life to the old buildings, but also show the value of volunteering.This project requires the work of the international volunteers, Vision YouthAction (VYA), Non-Governmental Organization (FHCCR) and the academic unit (NCKU). We are hoping that this multi-party cooperation can not only show the influences of civil organization, but also make it become the potential operation method for old house renewing in the future.

Work: Aims:1.Provide assistance for the host regarding the reconstruction and maintaining of the dormitory houses on the campus of NCKU.2.Communication with the locals from the FHCCR, sharing the volunteering experiences and promoting the value of it.3.Participate in the 10 years anniversary forum of the U(Old House New LifeU , sharing the examples of old house renewing around the world.Work:We will take the volunteers carry out the work of renewing old dormitory houses in NCKU, including simpily restoration of the buildings, indoor tidy and yard maintaining. Different types of missions will be provided to the volunteers, allowing the participants to understand the project of U(Old House New LifeU .Study: During the camp, participants will be learning the conservation and renewing of the old buildings in Tainan. Discussion will be conducted for the volunteers to share their experiences regarding to this topic.

Accomodation and food: Local district civil hall/NCKU student accommodation/home stay. Sleeping bag is required Food will be offered by FHCCR.


Location and Leisure: The buildings for working are old dormitory houses constructed in 1970s and are sited on NCKU campus. It is located in the east district of Tainan and is 1.5 km away from the Tainan train station, which takes about 15 minutes to walk from there.GMpound No.3, Ln. 79, Zhongshan Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 70043, Taiwan (R.O.C.)https://goo.gl/JR4275Touring of traditional houses and historical sites in Taiwan.

Train/Bus station: Kaohsiung International Airport

Requirements: Volunteers are expected to have great interest in old buildings. Application letter is required. The content should include self-introduction and motivation for volunteering.

Language: eng,chn

Extra Fee: .00 EUR

Volunteers are expected to have great interest in old buildings. Application letter is required. The content should include self-introduction and motivation for volunteering.