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SEEDS 039. ISLANDIA REYKJAVK RENO,ENVI,CONS, 21/05/2018 04/06/2018

NATURE RESERVE BELOW THE ARCTIC CIRCLE | SEEDS 039. | 2018-05-21 - 2018-06-04 | RENO,ENVI,CONS, | Age: 18 - 99


Work: This project is located on the nature reserve at Hornstrandir which is Iceland s northernmost peninsula, situated in the Westfjords of the country. Our host is a family that runs activities and services in the Old Doctor s House during summer time. SEEDS volunteers have been supporting the activities since 2015 with very good results. The place is very isolated and only accessible by boat or hiking for several days. The main task of the project will be digging a trench for water mains and electrical cables. These will be used for a small/micro hydro-power plant that has received permission to build on the premises. The trench has to be manually made because no machines are allowed in the nature reserve. The total length of the trench will be about one kilometre. This project was started two years ago with the help of SEEDS volunteers. The volunteers will also help to build a small shed (6m2) and a small dam for water intake.The work can be demanding and requires a good physical condition. No previous experience is needed. As it is outdoors work, volunteers shall be ready to adapt and be flexible with the working and free-time schedule, as depending on the -changeable- weather, we may not be able to perform some of the tasks or activities planned.Volunteers need to be prepared to work in one of the most isolated areas in Iceland. Be prepared to experience all kinds of weather and bring warm winter clothes as the tasks take place outside and it can get cold.

Accomodation and food: SEEDS volunteers will sleep in beds in shared rooms. Please bring your own sleeping bag. The house is well heated, and has a shower and a well equipped kitchen. The electricity is limited but enough to charge cameras and other small electronics. There is no internet and mobile phone connection is very limited. There is a landline available through which volunteers families can reach them if needed. Volunteers will receive prepared food during the camp but it may be that the group will receive food ingredients and be in charge of cooking and cleaning activities. Do not forget to bring some traditional/typical food and/or drinks from your home country for an international evening.

Location: REYKJAVK

Location and Leisure: Hornstrandir is on the farthest point in the northwest of Iceland, to the north of the Jokulfiroir and to the northwest of Drangajokull. Hornstrandir is close to the Arctic Circle and on a clear day the snowy mountains of Greenland are visible. No one lives in Hornstrandir throughout winter after social changes resulted in the abandonment of all farms during World War II and in the post-war period. Hesteyri is a small village of ten houses in Jokulfiroir (e. glacier fjords) which was abandoned in 1952. Farther into the fjord, there are the ruins of an old whaling station which was built by Norwegians in 1897. Hesteyri is a popular starting and ending place for hikers but Hornstrandir is an increasingly popular hiking place. The area is also popular for blueberry and crowberry picking.

Train/Bus station: Closest international Airport: Keflavik/Reykjavik

Requirements: Age: 18 The participation fee is EUR 250 (Euros).

Language: eng,eng

Extra Fee: 259.00 EUR