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VSS20 SERBIA Zemun polje DISA,AGRI 28/07/2018 11/08/2018

THE URBAN GARDEN #1, Belgrade | VSS20 | 2018-07-28 - 2018-08-11 | DISA,AGRI | Age: 18 - 99


“Evo ruka” is an organization founded by parents of children with disabilities, who fosters social activism and a proactive approach to solving problems in the local community, especially in relation to the target group. The organization developed sustainable agricultural production in Belgrade in order to provide financing for the work of the association and the Inclusive Center, launched in 2013. “Evo ruka” has a great experience in organizing summer program, various volunteer actions and corporate volunteering, good cooperation with socially responsible companies and visibility in the media and on social networks: http://evoruka.org/

Work: Volunteers will be engaged in several different tasks: - Facilitation of workshops for children during the day – 4 days a week (participants are invited to share a topic of their interest and prepare some workshop accordingly – sport or music skills are more than welcome); - Field work – 2 days a week (picking of tomatoes and peppers, production of “ajvar”, a traditional Serbian side-dish -twice during the camp); - Assistance in preparing meals for children and cleaning-up of the center; - Organization of a public event (with a topic to be agreed upon). Study part: Considering that “Evo Ruka” is in close cooperation with the organization “Permaculture of Serbia” and the Foundation “Intergenerational Volunteer Center”, there is a possibility to organize thematic workshops in this field (healthy food production, composting and recycling, making homemade cakes, fractals). We will agree on these activities and topics at the first meeting with volunteers.

Accomodation and food: “Evo ruka” has accommodation capacities for 8-10 volunteers. The accommodation will be organized in their Inclusive Center. Volunteers will prepare meals on their own, with ingredients provided.

Location: Zemun polje

Location and Leisure: Workcamp will be situated in Zemun polje, in suburbs of Belgrade. An excursion to Zemun - tour of Gardos Gardens and the island of Lido is planned. Within their free time, volunteers can visit Kalemegdan fortress, Ada Ciganlija lake and the Belgrade city center (since it is easily reachable by public busses)

Train/Bus station: Belgrade

Requirements: Volunteers should have a high motivation to work with groups and want to work and help. Desirable experience. A motivational letter is required.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 0