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SJ/TEEN71 FRANCIA Hameau de Vaunières ENVI 23/07/2018 04/08/2018

NATURE FIRST (2) ! | SJ/TEEN71 | 2018-07-23 - 2018-08-04 | ENVI | Age: 15 - 17


Located in the heart of the Hautes-Alpes, the association “Les Villages des Jeunes”,  www.villagesjeunes.org, manages, runs and renovates a hosting centre at Vaunières since 1964! It is an old mountain hamlet that has become both a “trampoline” for youth and adults facing hardships, and a welcoming place for French and international volunteers. Vaunières is a vacation destination for families, tourists and people with disabilities who come to enjoy the calmness of the mountain and the place’s dynamic atmosphere. Our workcamps, with volunteers from all countries, allow us to reinforce the cultural diversity of our work, and to open up the site to the world, making it a place where people from all ages and socio-cultural backgrounds agree to meet each other by working together and sharing the community life. We hope that you too will join us in an atmosphere of exchange and “do-it-together” that characterize our project.

Work: Your job will focus on landscaping around the greenhouse. With the help of a technical supervisor, you will be able to participate in several missions: the installation of a fence for protection against animals, the installation of a small pond and the creation of an aromatic spiral. You will discover traditional masonry techniques and landscaping techniques in eco-construction. Also, according to the progress of the work, you will be able to take part in the construction of a caladé path made of logs in the heart of the kitchen garden.

Accomodation and food: You will be in tents for 2 or 3 people on the site of "l’Aurore" which is 300 meters from the center of the hamlet. You will have at your disposal: a kitchen in a cottage, a toilet block with water and toilets, and a beautiful outdoor space to eat together, around a fire. You will cook and make the menus together using local products. You will participate in the organization of the camp: kitchen, dishes, amenities, cleaning, and a campfire. http://www.villagesdesjeunes.org/index.php?page=vaunieres

Location: Hameau de Vaunières

Location and Leisure: Hameau de Vaunières (7 km from the village of St Julien en Beauchêne, 50 km from Gap). Leisure activities : You will participate in the village life which can be very active in the summer time; pizza nights, barbecues, dances, themed parties, international meals, sports games, etc. In addition, our hamlet is at the crossroads of several hiking trails and small rivers. Thus, walking, hiking and swimming will be part of the activity proposals. You can also participate in local events (festival, Provençal market) and visit the Buëch region. The leaders will help with the organisation of the leisure activities.

Train/Bus station: Lus la Croix Haute train station. Access via the stations of : Valence TGV, Valence ville, Grenoble, Marseille Saint-Charles.


Language: eng,fra

Extra Fee: 150 EUR