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IBG 06 ALEMANIA Adam-Fell-Straße 5, 63867 Johannesberg CONS,MANU 06/05/2018 19/05/2018

Johannesberg | IBG 06 | 2018-05-06 - 2018-05-19 | CONS,MANU | Age: 18 - 99


A few years ago the first international Workcamp in Johannesberg helped with re-building the outdoor playground area of the local kindergarten. This year the project is located at the elementary. Part of the school is the so called “Hort” where up to 80 children get lunch and can spend their time after school playing, being creative, doing music, sports or their homework. It is a place for social learning that aims to strengthen the self-dependence of the children and to support their development.

Work: There is a big outdoor area which needs to be reconstructed. According to the plans you will build a “water and mud area” and a wooden log cabin for the children. Other tasks will be the planting of bushes, repainting of fences and some earth moving. It is quite possible that the local families and children will join you during the work.

Accomodation and food: You will be accommodated in the dormitory of the “Hort” next to the elementary school. Showers will be available in the gym of the school.

Location: Adam-Fell-Straße 5, 63867 Johannesberg

Location and Leisure: Johannesberg is a small village with about 3.000 inhabitants and is situated close to the city of Aschaffenburg in the northern part of Bavaria. Coming from any directions, already from far away, visitors can see the baroque church, which was built in 1769 and is located on the highest point of Johannesberg, 367 meters above sea level. During the free time and on the weekend you will be able to visit the cities nearby like Aschaffenburg, Frankfurt and Wuerzburg.

Train/Bus station: Aschaffenburg train station. From here you can take a bus to Johannesberg (Bus stop: Johannesberg - Kirche)


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