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EST MTV 04 ESTONIA MATSALU ENVI, 21/05/2018 20/10/2018

KODADE TOURIST FARM | EST MTV 04 | 2018-05-21 - 2018-10-20 | ENVI, | Age: 18 - 99


Come and work for nature and sustainable living in Matsalu National ParkProjectKodade cottage and Matsalu Creative Space are social enterprise initiatives which aim to sustain cultural heritage and to provide a rich variety of nature tourism services and active tourism services in the setting of unique wild nature. We also aim to provide work opportunities for people living in rural area.We have created a unique environment for creative camps, study camps and various types of events. We value sustainable living and align our activities with Matsalu National Park value system. Matsalu National Park has been created to protect migratory birds and is one of the most important protection areas of nesting and stop-over of coastal birds in Europe. In addition to bird protection Matsalu protects specific semi-natural habitats (coastal meadows and broods; woody meadows; reed bed and small islands) as well as the cultural heritage of the Vainameri sea https://kaitsealad.ee/eng/matsalu-national-park

Work: We offer a wide range of activities to our volunteers i mostly in the field of maintenance and development of the visitor site and the territory but also related to nature conservation in the surrounding area. The range of activities that the volunteers can undertake: tidying up the area surrounding the camping houses, cutting down the bushes, works with soil and creating flowerbeds around the Matsalu Creative Space; creating resting places and playground areas for kids, repainting the 6 camping houses, rearranging the attic. It is also possible to build traditional stonewalls, cut down junipers, pick herbs, create nest boxes for birds or create local nature produce. People into thinking jobs could challenge themselves to write us an international marketing plan or a part of it. We are mostly able to supervise these works ourselves but we are happy to include expert supervisors in specific fields. The working time each day could be approximately 6-7 full hours which can vary depending on the daily leisure activities and weather conditions. Most of these activities will take place outdoors, but we will take weather conditions into account.

Accomodation and food: The accommodation is good - at Kodade holiday cottage (http://www.kodade.ee/en/kodade-puhkemaja/maja-kirjeldus) or at small camping houses (http://www.kodade.ee/en/loov-ja-kulastuskeskus/kojakesed). We also provide bed linen and towels. There is a kitchen with all necessary equipment for cooking and the use of sauna. Food will be provided from local farms nearby. Volunteers will be served food cooked by locals for lunches during the week days otherwise it has to be cooked by the volunteers.

Location: MATSALU

Location and Leisure: LocationKodade Creative Space is located in Salevere Kula, Hanila parish, Parnumaa county. Salevere is situated in the western part of Estonia, approximately 140km from Tallinn. More information available on the following websites www.hanila.ee; www.kodade.ee TerminalAirport, harbour, bus station in Tallinn. From the airport, bus nr 2 going to the city centre stops at the Tallinn Bus Station. From bus station buses to Kuressaare go several times per day, taking you straight to Virtsu Sadam where volunteers will be picked up by camp host. Timetables are available online at www.tpilet.eeLEISUREhere are a lot of interesting natural picturesque sights on the area as well as possibilities for swimming in the sea or hiking in the forest. It is possible to choose whether to visit other parts of Laane-ja Parnumaa - Haapsalu ja Parnu (www.visitestonia.com/en/where-to-go/west-estonia/haapsalu; www.visitparnu.com/en/ www.facebook.com/visithaapsalu/or Saaremaa (www.visitsaaremaa.ee/en/) which is planned by the host. The volunteers can visit more than one place for a modest extra fee. Matsalu itself offers a lot of various cultural events in summer. Furthermore there is a possibility to go on extra tours i such as nature walk, bicycle tour or boat tour on Kasari River. Nearby there are two stables who provide horseback riding (www.massuratsaklubi.ee ja www.rannarantso.ee). In addition we can organise workshops and trainings with people from various fields of life. This camp

Train/Bus station: Virtsu

Requirements: Special requirementsYou have to be open-minded, creative and ready to adapt to a simple conditions of the common life in the countryside of Estonia. Please consider that the work is mainly physical, can be hard or sometimes repetitive. PARTICIPATION FEEParticipation feeThere is participation fee of 150 Euro which has to be paid by volunteer upon arrival to the project. It covers the whole period of stay regardless of its duration.

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Extra Fee: 150.00 EUR