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ANEC21 FRANCIA Chemin de Pinello - 20600 Bastia RENO,MANU,SOCI 17/09/2018 05/10/2018

Dive into the Corsica s rich environment | ANEC21 | 2018-09-17 - 2018-10-05 | RENO,MANU,SOCI | Age: 17 - 99


Etudes et Chantiers Corsica is an association of popular education which activity covers the study and implementation of projects and activities related to the environement protection, management of natural areas and restoration, promotion of built and landscape heritage in Corsica. This workcamp is part of a plan which goal is to reassert the value of difficult urban areas and to reduce inequalities through territories (City Contract of the Agglomeration community of Bastia 2018). International volunteers will work with 6 local volunteers!

Work: One of the activities of our association is the maintenance and restoration of streams. Maintenance of streams is a necessity. Our goal is to reduce damage caused by floods, clean-up rivers and raise awareness among the local inhabitants, promote environment protection. During the workcamp you will have to perform the following tasks: Selective cutting of vegetation, introduction to the reponsable use of a chainsaw, work safely, select trees and bushes to eliminate. You will also learn different techiques for cutting down trees, how to practice a directional cut. You will cut low branches and logs, eliminate invasive plants and jams (a pile of branches and tree trunks obstructing the riverbed). FIially, you will collect the waste present in the riverbed.

Accomodation and food: Accommodation will be in a campsite, in a building (villa or bungalow). Every bungalow is composed of two bedrooms, a bedroom with a large bed and another bedroom with 2 small beds, toilet, shower, and a small kitchen. Place of accommodation can be changed (but, it remains in a hard wall accommodation). Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are taken together. Groups will be formed to prepare meals. Menus will be developped together, intolerance to certain products or ingredients will be taken into account. Bring some of your culinary specialities and share them with the other volunteers !

Location: Chemin de Pinello - 20600 Bastia

Location and Leisure: Bastia is the second most populated city of Corsica after Ajaccio, it extends between the Golo river and Cap Corse. Bars and restaurants line the old harbor. Saint John’s, the Baptist Church stands just behind, with its two campaniles. The Citadel of Bastia “Terra Nova” is centuries old and has ramparts. It was built by governors of Genoa. Not far from there you will find Sainte-Marie’s cathedral, adorned with marvellous paintings and marble statues. You will discover the citys history by visiting the museum of Bastia, inside the Governors Palace. Places to visit : Hiking “Glacière de Cardo” (icehouse of Cardo), The old Port, Biguglia pond, Museum of Bastia, Teghime pass, Arinella Beach, Romieu Garden, etc.

Train/Bus station: Bastia Harbour


Language: eng,fra

Extra Fee: 0

Bring photos of your city (example : its history) to share them with the other volunteers! Places for 17 years old are really limited (maximum 2).