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KS-GAI 11.1 KOSOVO Bozevce, Kosovo Construction / Environment 30/06/2018 13/07/2018

Description: Since July 2017 GAIA has been working on an abandoned estate in a village of Bozevce, small and remote community in Eastern part of Kosovo. The village has around 60 inhabitants, mostly elders with rich traditional knowledge. Since it is situated in remote and hilly area, the environment is clean, peaceful and rather inspiring. The main idea is to implement permaculture design which has been developed by the group of volunteers of GAIA and to establish volunteering and educational programs. Besides, this place will provide opportunities for experimenting and exploring possibilities within permaculture way of thinking and doing. Currently there are several long-term volunteers and few GAIA staff involved in this program, as well as few animals like dogs, cats and chicken.

Type of Work: Volunteers will be working on several little projects and supporting long-term volunteers in everyday activities such as gardening and taking care of animals, small creations and repairs. The work will depend on the weather and site development during Spring time. However, general tasks will be related to construction of facilities (i.e. animal shelters, fences, garden beds, bred oven, etc.), food production (building herbal spiral garden, collecting fruits and vegetables, collecting herbs and edible plants, drying, storing etc.) and landart (creating inspirational places such as meditation corner, composting toilet, pathways and signs, etc.). Work part will be followed by workshops, group exploration and visits, so volunteers can combine gained knowledge and put it into practice.

Study Theme: Participants will have plenty of possibilites to learn about sustainble living, permaculture, medicinal and edible plants and nature related topics. Trough practical parts, volunteers will have chance to learn about natural laws and materials, tool handling and some basics of permaculture design. They will also learn about local traditions, handicrafts (weave fence and walls) and challenges of living in a remote areas.

Accommodation: Volunteers will be staying at the property in tents. Cooking will be done together with all volunteers and food will be vegetarian and local. There is one house for long-term volunteers with basic facilities and another house which is used as workshop and material storage. Volunteers should bring their sleeping bags and sleeping mats. Lifestyle is sustainable, simple and without much technology and virtual connections. Around the property there are many generous trees and places to hang a hammock!

Notes: This will be the first workcamp organized in Bozevce, with intention to make it traditional activity of GAIA :)

Organization Description: GAIA, branch of SCI in Kosovo, is a peace organization working in a field of peace, understanding and solidarity between people, social justice and respect of environment. GAIA is also promoting cultural diversity and works on education and integration of marginalized and minority group in society. The main activities of GAIA are workcamps, youth exchanges, non-formal educational programs (trainings, workshops, seminars), organization of festivals, promotion of volunteering and solidarity in region of Balkans. www.gaiakosovo.wordpress.com