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RU-YM 12.1 RUSIA Rusia Archaeology / Construction / Study, discussion, research 29/04/2018 07/05/2018

Along the Rivers of Memory (in the Ural taiga)


Along the Rivers of Memory (in the Ural taiga)

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Camp code:

RU-YM 12.1


Russian Federation

Start Date:

29 Apr 2018

End Date:

07 May 2018


12: Art, culture and local history

Work Types:

Archaeology / Construction / Study, discussion, research

International age:

18 - 99

National age:

16 - 99

Extra fee to be paid in the hosting country:

75.00 Euro

Purpose of extra costs:

The money will be included into the budget of the camp and will be spent on the needs of the project.

Required Language:


Spoken Language:

English, Russian

Description: In this expedition, volunteers will explore the local lore and regional history. The participants will search and gather materials about political repressions of the Soviet period in Perm region.

Type of Work: The main topic of the workcamp is collection of materials connected to the history of political repressions during the Soviet period and perpetuation the memory of the victims of terror. The project includes research and a rafting trip along the rivers of Perm region to visit and survey the places of the former Gulag settlements in the Ural taiga.

Study Theme: The main aim of the expedition is to learn about the history of political repression during the Soviet period.

Accommodation: The volunteers will live in tents in the wild nature during the rafting trip and in schools when staying in towns.

Requirements: Sleeping bag and warm clothes are necessary (the temperature during the nights can be below zero degrees Celsius). The project will demand serious physical exercise, certain deprivations and inconveniences.

Approximate Location: Perm and the Northern parts of Perm region

Notes: All necessary equipment (catamarans, tents, etc.) will be provided by "Memorial". The organization will also cover expenses related to food, accommodation, educational and cultural events and local transport (from Perm city to the camp and back). Please watch the documentary https://youtu.be/u3voFog_g0o before applying.

Organization Description: The Center for the Support of Democratic Youth Initiatives (Youth Memorial) is a civic non-profit organization established in 1998 by the Perm branch of the International Historical-Enlightment Human Rights and Humanitarian Society “Memorial”. The aim of the “Youth Memorial” is to engage young people in social and political activities, in civil actions and protection of young people’s rights. About 50 volunteers work in our organization taking care of 60 elderly victims of the Soviet political repressions. These volunteers tidy up flats, help with shopping. They also provide psychological support just visiting these people and speaking with them. Every year Youth Memorial organises about 6-8 workcamps with the main topic history and human rights, which are run in Perm region, in Urals.