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GREAT-LMTV04 INDONESIA Bandung, West Java Agriculture, Environment, Education 01/02/2018 31/12/2018

Batuloceng Agriculture

Starting Date 1st Tue/Wed every month. Except June

Age >18 years old

Min. Duration  2 month

Profile of volunteers

Willing to have activities during the weekend

Visa for LMTVs

Visa on Arrival (VoA):

30 days, can be extended once for another 30 days. Total : 60 days. Suitable for MTV for 2 months.

Visa index 211 (Social Culture):

60 days, can be extended 4 times, each extension prolongs our stay for 30 days. Total : 180 days. Suitable for LTV. You have to apply in Indonesian embbasy before your arrival in Indonesia.

Free Visa:

30 days, NON EXTANDABLE. You just go to the border/ immigration check, tell the officer you will visit Indonesia for tourism. Prepare you tickets just in case they ask for your return ticket. They will let you in by giving you the Free Visa non extendable stamp in your passport.

More about Free Visa please check athttp://www.indonesianembassy.org.uk/consular/consular_visa_type_free.html


Supporting local youth association – Karang Taruna on youth empowerment program on education, language, culture, and environment. One group did workcamp in this project in 2016 was SVA Scotland from Glasgow University, which you can view it here.


Batu Loceng Sub-Village is part of Suntenjaya Village, Lembang Municipality, Bandung Regency. Most ofthe populations are living as coffee farmers, vegetables farmer, anddairy cow breeder. Batu Loceng village has beautiful natural scenery that became as a potential to become a tourism village. It has its own characteristic of nature, culture, traditional music and martial art. The aim of tourism village is to develop local potential such culture, local people, agriculture, environment, and local history. The participation of local people is the most important thing in developing the tourism village.


To support local community in


  • To promote Batu Loceng as the sample of “towards EcoTourism Village”
  • To prepare the youth and local people towards “EcoTourism Village”
  • To raise the awareness of  global education among local youth
  • To increase the awareness of local people about their environment and learn organic farming
  • To encourage local youth about preserving  local culture
  • To exchange culture between participants, local people, and local students.

Note: 25 to 40 hours/week. Sometimes the volunteers are needed during the weekend. Sometimes the volunteers are needed to support the local community and/or GREAT to do other voluntary action during the weekends.


House of local people.  Volunteers will share together sleeping space separately between females and males. No bed. Need sleeping bag. Sharing bathroom. Self cooking by the volunteers. Volunteers will make common rules & daily teams for their collective living group.

Study Theme

Ecofarming. Sunda culture.


Strong motivation and interest in agriculture. Online interview will take place during the application process.

Location & Leisure

Suntenjaya Village, Bandung Region. Village view.   https://goo.gl/maps/BcUzMwRK41P2

Meeting Point

Bandung Train Station North Gate on volunteer’s arrival date at 12.00 midday. Contact Area Manager Bandung (Ms) Lina Apriyani at +62 81321870631; Contact Incoming Staff at incoming.lmtv@greatindonesia.org


English with other volunteers. Bahasa Indonesia with locals.


IDR 3.600.000 (about 225 EUR) for first month for volunteers from country with GDP > 10.000  & IDR 3.300.000 (about 200 EUR) per month for the next months.


IDR 3.300.000 (about 206 EUR) for first month for volunteers from country with GDP < 10.000 & IDR 3.000.000 (about 181 EUR)  per month for the next months.

Nearest Terminal

Husein Sastranegara International Airport Bandung, IATA Code BDO

Soekarno Hatta International Airport Jakarta, IATA Code CGK


Be ready with extreme changing weather and mosquitoes. 15-22 degree celscius.