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GREAT-LMTV02 INDONESIA Semarang, Central Java Social 01/02/2018 31/12/2018

Human Rights - KJHAM

Starting Date 1st Tue/Wed every month. Except June

Age  >20 years old

Min. Duration           2 months

Visa for LMTVs

Visa on Arrival (VoA):

30 days, can be extended once for another 30 days. Total : 60 days. Suitable for MTV for 2 months.

Visa index 211 (Social Culture):

60 days, can be extended 4 times, each extension prolongs our stay for 30 days. Total : 180 days. Suitable for LTV. You have to apply in Indonesian embbasy before your arrival in Indonesia.

Free Visa:

30 days, NON EXTANDABLE. You just go to the border/ immigration check, tell the officer you will visit Indonesia for tourism. Prepare you tickets just in case they ask for your return ticket. They will let you in by giving you the Free Visa non extendable stamp in your passport.

More about Free Visa please check athttp://www.indonesianembassy.org.uk/consular/consular_visa_type_free.html

Profile of volunteers


Supporting LRC-KJHAM in promoting human rights, especially women rights & gender equality through different methods, depends on volunteers’ skills and interest.


Legal Resources Centre in Gender Equality and Human Rights (LRC-KJHAM) is an NGO working on promotion of human rights and gender equality in Semarang, Central Java. It founded in 1999 and currently working on strengthening access and control of Marginal Women in Central Java for Law and Human Rights Resource; Feminism Participatory Action Research (FPAR); Women’s Right Impact Assessment (WRIA); and legal support for domestic violence and mentoring victim group.


To support LRC-KJHAM to  advocate and become resource center for gender equality and human right to develop Human Right Strategy to get more access and control for marginal women.


Volunteers are expected to have strong self-initiative and self-motivation to decide their own set of activities fit to their skills, interest, and experience. The staff LRC-KJHAM will supervise and volunteer decides in which division they can fit in.  Some possible activities:

  1. Supportinformation technology (IT) division,
  2. Collect news on human rights related topic from newspaper,
  3. Support with the documentation
  4. Support with the public relation
  5. Work together with other LRC-KJHAM staff for FPAR in some regencies and rural areas. Volunteers might need to experience live-in in the community for some days;
  6. Share and support on Woman Rights Impact Assessment WRIA
  7. Support and join training and seminar held by LRC-KJHAM.

*Note: 25 to 40 hours/week. Sometimes the volunteers are needed to support LRC-KJHAM and/or GREAT to do other voluntary actions during the weekends.


GREAT Volunteer House & Office. Shared room, bathroom, and kitchen. Fridge and Wifi are available.

Study Theme

Human Rights especially Women Rights & Gender issue in Indonesia.


Strong Motivation.  Online interview will take place during the application process.

Location & Leisure

Semarang City, Central Java, Indonesia. Easy access to city center and enjoy Semarang with many heritages around. https://goo.gl/maps/y5vNnFYTW9S2

Meeting Point

GREAT Volunteer House Semarang at Jl. Kedondong Dalam V No.14, Central Lamper 50248 Semarang , Central Java, Indonesia,  on volunteer’s arrival date, at 12.00 (midday), Contact Incoming Staff at incoming.lmtv@greatindonesia.org


Little English. More of basic Bahasa Indonesia. Volunteers must learn Indonesian Language prior his departure and learn legal-related terms for human rights, women rights and domestic violence (both in Indonesian and English). There will be sessions of Learning Indonesian Language in the On Arrival Training as starter only.


IDR 3.600.000 (about 225 EUR) for first month for volunteers from country with GDP > 10.000  & IDR 3.300.000 (about 200 EUR) per month for the next months.


IDR 3.300.000 (about 206 EUR) for first month for volunteers from country with GDP < 10.000 & IDR 3.000.000 (about 181 EUR)  per month for the next months.

Nearest Terminal

Ahmad Yani International Airport  Semarang, IATA Code SRG.

Semarang Tawang Train Station. Semarang Poncol Train Station.


Please prepare yourself with self- learning Bahasa Indonesia before departure.; it is one of the easiest languages in the world. Only one staff of LRC – KJHAM speaks English well and view of them understands English. All of target group, the women assisted by LRC-KJHAM do not speak English.