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FAGAD 07 TOGO Essé-Zogbédji Education and children’s 15/07/2018 04/08/2018

Education and children’s leisure activities

The visa

It is advisable obtain visas from the Togo consulate in respect of the country from which the volunteer is coming.  On the other hand, if the volunteer has a problem to obtain a visa prior to his departure, he will be able to obtain an entry visa covering a week on arrival at the airport which will be prolonged for the duration of the period of his stay in the country.  In this case budget an additional 10 000 F CFA ( equivalent to 15 Euros ).  You will need to indicate the probable length of your stay.  The issue of this visa can take two ( 2 ) days in Lomé: someone will be invited to bring your passport with the visa to the work camp.

Costs in respect of participation                   

The costs association with participation, reception and transport to the work camps amount to 230 Euros per volunteer and per work camp.  This amount is only apply to the volunteers sent by members of CCSVI ( Comité de Coordination du Service Volontaire International ).  Volunteers members of other organizations must respect the agreements linking them with FAGAD or pay an additional sum of 100 Euros.  In total, therefore, 330 Euros per work camp.

This sum, effectively costs, covers the costs of meals, and lodging on the site of the work camp.  It also allows us to provide a person at the airport responsible for the welcome there and help the arriving volunteer.  In additionit covers the costs of transport from the airport to the work camp site.  But please note that for the work camp sites situated in the north of the country ( TOGO )  it is necessary to increase this charge by 50 Euros to cover the increased distance.  FAGAD doesn’t take responsibility for the cost of the return to Lomé or to aeroport.

The amount also covers a night  (one ) before and after the work camp. 

The volunteers sleep at the site reserved for them by FAGAD.

The cost of participation also covers the administration costs of the NGO FAGAD as well as the purchase of certain equipment needed on the work site.


On occasion, on certain projects it is possible that there is an absence of materiel or the acquisition is made at a late date.  In such situations, we invite each and everyone to show understanding and use the means put at their disposition.


The successful realization of certain projects also depends on obtaining funds, notably for the purchase of equipment.  FAGAD is also open to any proposition coming from who are interested in sending a contribution in this sense.

We invite volunteers who, during the course of their participation, have an idea for a project to fill in the document prepared for this by the NGO and available with the animator of their work camp.  This will re – orient the false volunteers who come to FAGAD in order to disabuse foreign volunteers to obtain equipment, sexual experiences and obtain the necessary finance for projects which, for the most part, will never be realized or will never be completed for the benefit of the relevant population.

1. Period : From 15 July to 04 Agust

2. Site : Essé-Zogbédji

The population of this village is some 2 700 inhabitants. The following infrastructure items are to be found there like: two primary schools, a college, a market and dispensary ( a little health center ).  The dominant activity is agriculture.


3. Theme : Education and children’s leisure activities

The objective is to get the children of this locality to discover the others with their cultures and ways of living, offer them a way to relax and express themselves in ways other than those they have habitually.  At the same time liberate their parents for some hours.  For this project, we also want to make the population conscious of the benefits offered by the trees.  The young people of this area in collaboration with the FAGAD volunteers will plant trees on parcels of land particularly designated.  This project is placed in the framework of sensibilisation and the fight against the rising temperatures of the climate.  It is also a support for education by furnishing a source of finance for the school by way of planting fruit trees whose fruit will be sold.We also desire on this occasion to create a group dynamism between the young people on the one hand and the population on the other hand.

Work to be done :

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