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DATES: June –Sep.Nov. –Feb.


Lamplaimat Pattana School, Kok Klang, Lamplaimat District, Buriram, thailand


-Buriram Airport

-Buriram Train Station

-Buriram Bus Station


14,000 Baht for 1st month (including project preparation and orientation 


Peace Village 3 Buriram is the new project that will be started at the first time in 2018. Because of giving the opportunity to the new local community is the important road to the gateway to global citizenship.

In Peace Village 3 Buriram, everyone can share friendship and learn the different culture between international volunteer and local people. Furthermore, English skill development for the student in Buriram province is also a part of the project.

Peace Village 3 Buriram is held at Lamplaimat Pattana School where it was founded with the objective of demonstrating the possibility of providing a high-quality education to children in rural areas.  It is a private school, but is owned by a non-profit organization, the Lamplaimat Pattana Foundation, and does not charge tuition fees; financial support comes mainly from charitable donations. It is located in a rural part of Buriram province in the North-East of Thailand; Buriram is one of the poorest provinces in Thailand, with educational scores in the bottom 10% of provinces. Moreover, the volunteer can learn organic farm, animal farm, and how to plant the rice in the local community.

Education development is contributed by working together, local people dare to communicate with the foreigner without the language barrier, and international volunteer can share and learn the different culture with the local community in Peace Village 3 Buriram project.

Keywords to live in Peace Village;

International Community Living-Learning by Doing Cultural Diversity


Base on International community living, every work is coming by daily life. That is mean everything even generally is valuable in any case such as cleaning, repairing, building, teaching, learning.

Segregation works at Peace Village are;  Creative teaching English – Creative teaching is important to recognize, teaching certificate does not need for specific quality of volunteer, but the creative idea is the one of yours.

Aims of creative teaching are given the chance for the student in school and people in the village or the place nearby and have the opportunity to communicate with different language, touch difference culture, believing.

Organic Farm – learning how to produce our own non - chemical food and vegetable, animal farm, and rice field.       Relationship with the villagers – The rest of time form your main work, important thing is to learn and share with the villager by visiting, talking and do activities with them. You will get rich experience by learning and sharing with each other.


Volunteer will stay at volunteer’s house in school. Volunteer expects to eat Thai food, have lunch at school canteen and takes turn cooking with a local volunteer.

SPECIAL REMARKS Cultural respect, open-minded and love to learn and share. No smoking and drinking on the project site.