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TG-AST 7.3 TOGO TOGO Teaching 16/07/2018 29/07/2018

Informatics for high school students and graduates

This project is part of the SCI North South Programmes. Volunteers should be 20 years old, have previous volunteering experience and take part in the Preparation Workshops organised by their sending branch. More details from your sending branch.

Camp code:

TG-AST 7.3



Start Date:

16 Jul 2018

End Date:

29 Jul 2018


7: Children and youth


Mixed Age Camp

Work Types:


International age:

18 - 99

National age:

18 - 99

Extra fee to be paid in the hosting country:

200.00 Euro

Purpose of extra costs:

The 200€ paid by the volunteers will be used in this following way: - 2/3: organisation of the workcamp (accomodation, food, water, materials, transports) - 1/3: administration fees

Required Language:


Spoken Language:


Description: Despite the evolution of new information technologies and communication, the access to these technology tools is still very limited in high schools and universities in Togo. The vast majority of students in schools can’t handle the IT tools. In response to this problem, the NGO ASTOVOT sets up the courses of basic computing skills and internet for three weeks. The modules will be: the discovery of the computer services, the use of a computer, the electronic mail system and the use of social networks.

Type of Work: Aims of the workcamp: Teach Togolese students how to use computer and social networks.

Work to do: Reception of the students registered for the formation; Implementation of a training program (discover the computer and other tools, training with the keyboard in Word and Excel, creation of an Email account; Initiation in searching information on the internet; how to use social networks). Evaluation of the training program and handing-over of certificates to the participants. NB: Computers are insufficient for training, the volunteers interested by this workcamp are requested to bring their laptops.

Accommodation: The housing conditions are generally rudimental. The volunteers will be accommodated together in a single house with several bedrooms (usually 2 to 4 rooms). They will reside near the project site. Volunteers will sleep on mats made out of plastics or straw. But they can buy or bring along small airbeds or little floor-mats, and a mosquito net... In addition to the project activities, the volunteers can organize rides, meetings with local communities, parties and excursions in the surrounding villages. NB: Internet access and Electricity are limited according to areas of the project.

Language: The languages of the workcamp are English and French.

Requirements: The interested volunteers should bring their own laptops to the workcamp since we do not have enough computers for the project.

Approximate Location: Located approximately 120 km from Lomé, capital of Togo, the town of Kpalimé is a dream location for nature lovers and hikers looking for beautiful mountain landscape, natural waterfalls and tropical flora. With about approximately 105,000 inhabitants, Kpalimé is a touristic town in the Plateaux region. There are many artisanal workshops and retail outlets such as wood sculpture, weaving, wickerwork, decorated calabashes, batiks, painting, pottery, ceramics and mounted butterflies.Kpalimé receives many visitors especially in summer since the local population is very hospitable.