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Kayunga Town Council.

Kayunga Town Council is located 76Kms North of Kampala Uganda’s capital city along the highway, which links Uganda to Kenya through Mukono and Jinja Town. The majority of the inhabitants are low income earners dealing in petty trading like produce buying, market vending and hiring out labour.

Kayunga Town council is heavily affected by poverty. The major causes noted are low levels of
education, access to credit facilities and poor health service.HIV/Aids has had significant impact
on the house hold incomes and poor environmental practices have led to poverty. This has eroded society of its energetic workforce that would have engaged in production especially the
youth and in particular young women/girls who are most vulnerable.
In a bid to improve the living conditions of the most marginalised community of Kayunga Town
Council especially women and youth in line with the council’s goals, objectives and strategies of
enhancing the social and economic well being of the communities

The town council has adopted strategies including partnership approach to address some of the
challenges facing the township with a main focus on the cross cutting issues. It’s in this line that
Uganda Voluntary Development Association (UVDA) using the voluntarism spirit and work camp methods has joined the struggle to improve the living conditions of people in Kayunga Town
Council by organising voluntary projects which appeal to their needs. Under this partnership we
welcome interested stakeholders including Short, Long/Mid term volunteers to participate in our
2018 projects.

Target Group:
Volunteers motivated, communities around and other Stakeholders.
No. of participants need: 2 PAX

Duration of stay: 1 month to 1 year.

Nature of work:
Promotion of community work and prepare and support outreach programs as regards to
hygiene, sanitation and basic health, awareness raising.Promotion of youth friendly activities, trainings in apprenticeship and organic farming. Production of energy saving stove and charcoal for income generation.

Airport pickups:
Uganda Voluntary Development Association will pick vols. from the airport as per their schedule
during working hours then organise pickup for beyond working hours arrivals. Expense incurred
from the pickup place (only city centre) is covered by UVDA as part of the participation fee
provided you arrive during office hours an extra fee shall be levied on night arrivals. So
volunteers are encouraged to communicate/confirm their arrival at least a week before departure for proper preparations.

Accommodation will vary from host families to a self contained house close to the site.

Mau Kazi is located 80 Km from Kampala – Kayunga Highway, the project is located in Central region,Kayunga District.

This is purely a traditional kiganda food setting and most of the food stuff is original Baganda
culture. Creativity is welcome in preparing dishes though for international dishes volunteers can
contribute from their pocket.

Study theme:
Climate change and improved livelihood through community involvement and strengthen
income generation for sustainable development.

Financial contribution
Monthly payment of participation fees is not allowed for conventional purposes. Volunteers
accepted on MLTV project for one month will pay Euros 300 for the one month placement.

What is included in the participation fee?
Return transfers from the airport
Full board at the project (Accommodation and meals provided at the project)
Orientation, evaluation and monitoring
Volunteer mentorship

What is not included in the participation fee?
Travel to and from the project. The volunteer will be required to pay for the bus tickets
Refreshments outside the project
Air ticket, Excursion, Visa and Insurance, Local travel

Personal effects
MTV/LTV Participation fee:-

1 week - 1 month  EURO 300
1 month – 3 months EURO 450
1 month – 6 months EURO 900
1 month – 9 months EURO 1350
1 month – 12 months EURO 1800
This fee is ONLY for monitoring, upkeep in host families and evaluation of the participants
while at the project. It also includes airport transportation, orientation, host family housing,
preparation and supervision, project participation certificate and An additional fee of $ 100 for
volunteer permit.

Special remarks: Participants will be asked to contribute for their volunteer permit. No smoking
is allowed at any of the work sites.
Basic condition and rules of UVDA work camps
- Orientation is two days before departure to the project
- Accept basic living conditions like accommodation, meals and others during the project
- We encourage volunteers to be flexible/creative/cooperative while participating in the project.
- - On health UVDA can only provide first aid during the project but for emergencies we advise
you bring your own insurance with you.
- English is an official language
- All participants are required to arrive on the first day and stay till the last day of workcamp.
- All participants have responsibility to keep the rules of the project and finish the project in
- Be motivated and have open mind to different cultures throughout the project.
- No illegal drugs are allowed in Uganda.
- Volunteers are responsible for their personal expenses during the free time.