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Clerheid School


We invite volunteers to give their support to the multiple tasks which will help the school to organize incredible summer camps. The purpose is mainly the exchange between enthusiastic and motivated youngsters in order to share all together our experiences and wishes. There will be two types of tasks: farm work and renovation/construction.

During the workcamp, we wish the volunteers to share with us the everyday life of Clerheid School as well as the maintenance of the site, by performing the following tasks:
• To take care of the animals (2 horses, 2 donkeys, 2 goats, sheep and chickens),
• To prepare the fields, to fix the fences, and various farm works,
• To maintain the forest (wood collecting, pruning and storage) and of the 12 hectares of fields
(haymaking, cutting “bad weed”…), to construct a dry stone wall, gardening,
• To prepare, maintain and renovate various installations, wooden construction…

Volunteers will also have the opportunity to visit and work in the wooden village hosting every year
hundreds of kids. This enchanting place is the fruit of the work and imagination of generations of kids
and activity leaders, and today it extends considerably (more than 20 huts over 2 hectares, a bridge, an amphitheatre, a fence...).

Tasks are fairly diversified so that there is something for every taste.

The planning of activities will be developed progressively according to the progress of work, the weather, needs of the organisation and wishes of volunteers.

Volunteers will live in a small cottage, with a kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms (2 x 4 beds), as well as in a dormitory with a bathroom. Volunteers may also sleep in tents or in a hut during one weekend. Please bring your sleeping bag.

Volunteers will either take their lunch with groups during the camps or they will cook by themselves in the kitchen at their disposal.

Clerheid School is located in a hamlet in the province of Luxembourg, in Wallonia, the French-
speaking part of Belgium. The domain is located between 350 and 550 meters of altitude, away from major roads on a crest of the Ardennes. The place of the workcamp is isolated and it is not reachable by public transport. The closest town, Marche-en- Famenne, is 30 minutes away by car.

This workcamp is designed for nature lovers who are not afraid of outdoor work in an isolated place
(no wifi). Volunteers should be willing to interact with children as there will be camps and activities with kids organised during the workcamp. There will be very limited access to Internet and a phone in the office of the organisation.
In order to preserve conviviality and harmony within the groups, we wish the workcamp to be alcohol-free.

A project-related motivation letter is required.

The language of the workcamp is English. Basics of French are useful but not necessary.

Brussels International Airport (Zaventem) or Brussels South Airport (Charleroi), meeting point at Bomal train station on 04/06. Train timetables on www.b-rail.be/main/F/

Join the workcamp at «Clerheid School» in
Erezée and help this educational organisation
to promote human values like solidarity, respect, freedom...! Volunteers will contribute to the improvement of the outdoor facilities to give the opportunity to the kids who come here in summer camps to experience an