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BWA 07 KRS BOTSUANA Khama Rhino Sanctuary Environmental/Nature care/conservation, Education & Construction, office administration, financial accounting, hospitality 10/12/2018 21/12/2018

Khama Rhino Sanctuary

Khama Rhino Sanctuary is located around 25km north of Serowe and 320 km North West from Gaborone, capital city of the Republic of Botswana. It is defined by Kalahari desert sands and quite range of vegetation. Khama Rhino
Sanctuary is a conservation park for the endangered white and black rhinos. It also hosts a wide range of animals including kudus, impalas, gemsboks, giraffes,
and a variety of small animals and birds.

Volunteers at the nature reserve can enjoy day and evening game drives and some educational lectures on some days. Volunteers can also arrange to join the rangers for their animals counting exercises and patrols along the park fences. The Khama Rhino Sanctuary is having an active working partnership with BWA. BWA had committed itself by assisting to sustain the ecosystem of the reserve.

The volunteers will assist in the maintenance of the footpaths, park fence, fire breaks and trails and helping in day to day business maintenance of the park.
The volunteers will participate as a team in the whole duration of the camp.
Volunteers can share and exchange different cultural forms during the workcamp. The orientation for the workcamp is scheduled at BWA head offices for the day before the workcamp start at Khama Rhino Sanctuary.

For more information about workcamp site, please visit:

Khama Rhino Sanctuary provides accommodation in camping sites. Volunteers must bring their own tents, sleeping bags, mosquito nets or repellants. A heavy blanket can of great assistance as Khama Rhino Sanctuary experience very cold winters, with temperatures reaching lows of -5 at night. Internet,
supermarkets and banking are available in Serowe town, which is 20 minutes’
drive form the sanctuary. Network reception for three network providers, Mascom, Orange and BTC is relatively good in the park. Volunteers in possession of sim cards of their network providers from their countries can be
able to roam. Note, volunteers should check and make arrangements with their respective network providers before departure to Botswana. Roaming is convenient though very expensive. Thus, volunteers should be ready to buy local simcards at nominal price of 1 US$ or 2 US$ if they opt for a more conventional way of not roaming.

To view the amp of Botswana: http://www.go2africa.com/botswana/map
To view the map of Botswana

It is very important to know that Botswana is the semi-desert country and has four seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring (August, September, and October), summer (November, December, January,) and
Autumn (February, March, April) are hot seasons and cold season is Winter (May, June, July).
Volunteers are therefore reminded to bring required materials as per season, e.g. sun block creams for hot seasons and warmer clothes for winter times.


Save Our Soul(SOS) Tlokweng Village near

The work camp participation fee is US $200 per participant, which covers simple work camp meals, arrangements for the whole work camp preparation in
terms of communication, electronic mailing and transport for meeting with different stakeholders. BWA organizes transport for participants from the airport in Gaborone to Mochudi (BWA Head Office) at a nominal fee of US$ 30 per participant, where participants are inducted prior to departure to work camps destination.