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MCE/NIC E-01 MONGOLIA Ulaanbaatar/ Buhug ENVI/AGRI 28/04/2018 11/05/2018

Greening Mongolia

Organized together with NICE (Never-ending International workCamps Exchange) and
supported by Greening Asia fund since 2002. The forests problem is serious also in Mongolia.
Before 1990, the forests are covered 10% of land, but 7% today. It's caused by cutting trees without any controls, forest fire and global warming. Other side it takes a long time to grow trees in Mongolia and May and middle of October is the only seasons to plant trees in Mongolia.

W: We will plant trees in Mongolian workCamps Exchange`s camp and some other places.
This is the only season in Mongolia to plant trees. There are increasing activities by some
organizations to plant trees but it takes a hundred or more years to be grown, so we should also join this movement by global power! Part of Greening Asia

S: Any good experiences for tree planting and the future plan of international workcamps in
Mongolia and Greening Asia. Bring some info.

P: Cultural exchange program, excursions, etc.

A: GER (Mongolian traditaional tent) or house. Very warm sleeping bag! CV? Shower is
available for all the time

L: Ulaanbaatar. One third of population in the country (3 millions) live in this capital city.
The temperature will be about 10-20 C, But be careful sometimes weather will be changed
lot. Sunny, sometimes rainy and windy. Buhug river is located 45 km far from Ulaanbaatar.

T: Ulaanbaatar, Chinggis Khaan International airport or International train station of Ulaanbaatar

Q:To like planting work and simple nomadic life. Mongolian speakers are welcome!

X: The additional fee of 250 USD (or equivalent amount of MNT or Euro by current rate of Mongolian bank) should be paid on your arrival directly.