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NG – VWA – 03 NIGERIA ADO ODO Education / Environment 02/06/2018 16/06/2018

Aramukala / Kosomin Welfare Community Project

Start Date : 02 June, 2018

End Date : 16 June, 2018

PROJECT NAME : Aramukala / Kosomin Welfare Community Project

PROJECT TITLE : Drilling water boreholes in the community

TOPIC : Education / Environment

CAMP LOCATION : Ado-Odo Local Government Area of Ogun State

THE COMMUNITY : Multi-ethnic society

PROJECT OBJECTIVE : Poverty eradication, provision of water & and peace building amongst pastoralists.



Main camp activities:
 Volunteers will drill bore holes, construct water tank. Small dams to harvest the rain water, small feeders roads rehabilitation, rural bridges and crossing small markets, rehabilitation and expansion community based
gravity fed irrigation systems, community based livestock handling, marketing and veterinary systems, Market rehabilitation and construction
waste disposal and recycling.
Type of Work: During the workcamp volunteers will support on-going efforts at the Community to erect / drill bore hole in a village community along with gardening and flower planting within the Community primary school. Volunteers
will have the space to learn and share about environmental topics and develop activities to raise awareness among youngsters about environmental issues.

Accommodation: Volunteers will stay together in Accommodation provided in a School classroom within the project community or Guest Houses. There are latrines and bathrooms. Cooking will be done in turns on fire wood in a separate classroom within the school. There will be a prescribed menu.
Language: English will be spoken during the workcamp, basic English Language
skills are necessary.

Requirements: Volunteers should be open to new cultures, enthusiastic to exchange/learn about environmental issues. Please come working gloves, water proof clothes and booths.

Participation fee is €250.

Approximate Location: The workcamp will be held at the Permaculture Forest
Garden (Environmental Education Centre) project in Badagry Lagos, which is
part of the peninsular which separates the Lagoon of Lagos from the Atlantic

Notes: The point-of-no-return, a port on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, where
slaves were shipped to the Americas during the era of slave trade, lies within trekking distance from the project centre.