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GH-VOL 7.2 GHANA GHANA Construction / Teaching / Work with children 29/06/2018 20/07/2018

Tutu Trinity Home

 Camp code: GH-VOL 7.2

Work Types:Construction / Teaching / Work with children

National age: 18 - 99

Extra fee to be paid in the hosting country: 250.00 Euro

Purpose of extra costs:

It covers pick up from the airport/ bus station upon arrival in Ghana. The fee also covers orientation, evaluation, monitoring, project set up, office running/administrative expenses, supporting small community projects running of activities during the project, certificate of participation, accommodation, feeding at camp and communication prior to, during and after the camp. It does not cover excursions on projects, internal travels to and from the project station, refreshment outside the project, air ticket excursions, visa and insurance or local travel and personal effects.

Required Language: English

Spoken Language: English

Description: This project is organized in partnership with the staff of Tutu Trinity Home orphanage. The home was established 13 years ago. At a time the community observed a growing number of neglected children due to single parents who could not trace the fathers of the children and at the same time could not afford financially to cater for the children. The leader of the home Mrs. Sophia Alabi took the initiative and responsibility to open the home. She started with 5 children. Now the orphanage hosts 38 children with 18 boys and 20 girls. Their ages ranges from 8 – 16 years.

Type of Work: Work starts from 7 AM and ends at 2 PM. In the morning volunteers may help to wake up the orphans and help with their sanitation: brushing of teeth, showering; be engaged at pre-school level and teach (alphabets, numbers, English, Maths, rhymes, poems, songs and arts & dance); in the afternoon help with the homework (which is one of the main problems as there is less staff). Also help with HIV awareness/ sexual education, health and hygiene programs. Volunteers cook for themselves. Late in the evenings volunteers can participate in the evening activities (cultural drumming & dancing, storytelling, open forum about children rights, study lessons on retrogressive cultural practices such as female genital practices etc.) before the kids go to bed. Volunteers will also engage in construction.

Accommodation: Volunteers will be hosted at the home (orphanage). There is available student beds with mattresses. Volunteers will share washroom, bath house with the other teachers and care takers at the home.

Requirements: Volunteers should be able to teach and take care of children. Artisans or those physically fit are encouraged to attend. Volunteers should be motivated for the voluntary work, be motivated to understand and respect cultures for both host and volunteers and adapt and enjoy simple conditions and experience a different culture.

Approximate Location: The project will take place at the Tutu Trinity Home, Akwapim- Eastern Region of Ghana.

Notes: Volunteers should bring along the following: 1. Mosquito net 2. Working shoes (boots) 3. Medication 4. Flashlight 5. Games 6. Musical Instruments, Social/casual dresses,sandals and shoes for their personal use.Toiletries.

Key regulations in the camp: 1. Respect every child (orphan) including other volunteers, staff and management. 2. Abstain from smoking, taking alcohol, and any other drugs within the institution. 3. Decent dressing. 4. Follow established channels to report all matters 5. Treat all information related to the children confidential. 6. No invitations to personal friends and strangers at the home without the knowledge of the proprietress.