Corto plazo

Had Samran

General information about Short Term Camps
 there will always be DaLaa Work Camp Coordinator accompanying volunteers
 besides the main project, there will be time for Thai language/culture and other activities
 volunteers have to be 18 years old or older
 living conditions will be in Thai style (willingness to adapt and enjoy simple conditions of living)
 participant is responsible for their own travel cost and all personal expenses during the free time
 participant is responsible for taking care of their own insurance
 no drugs are allowed in Thailand
 willingness to work and live together, make friends with local people and other volunteers
 info sheets with more detailed information are provided

Had Samran, workshops, art and music festival will be organized for the second year in April 2018. Four
days workshops will be followed by a music festival on April 13 th , the day of the Buddhist New Year. Thai,
international and local volunteers will prepare the whole event. The DaLaa workcamp and its volunteers will
be included in the bigger team and each one can take part at her/his own scale.

Had Samran (=Samran beach) is a coastal village in Southern Thailand on the Andaman side. Characterized
by long black sand beaches, mangroves and fresh seafood, the village is inhabited by 15,500 people, many
artisans, fishermen and farmers. From farmers and fishermen to new business in both agricultures and new
technologies, Had Samran is changing quickly. With younger generation making the move to big cities we
believe it is important not to disconnect with home and the long standing traditions village life has offered.
Rich in diversity, culture and growth, the Had Samran project aims to continue the values of an abundant and
sustainable hometown. Encouraging the community, near and far, to reconnect, learn, have fun and
appreciate the Hat Samran natural environment. This project has been created in 2017 by 2 men of the
village: P Ann who is music teacher at the local secondary school and is constantly supporting and
organizing activities with students; and P Eiang, who is familiar with foreigners, organizing workshops,
volunteers’ activities and concerts at Pai (North Thailand). As we know well P Eiang from previous activities
together in DaLaa, we were invited to join the project and wish to continue for 2018.
The Had Samran Project (Samran beach) was launched in April 2017 with a two-day music festival with both
popular Thai and international artists. Local community members were invited to join in activities in the
preparation and set up of the festival where they were encouraged to interact with volunteers and unleash
their own creativity in set designs, games and workshops. The plan is not to stick only to the festival but to
organize further volunteer activities in the village. We did also organize a 3 days workcamp one month later
with the students and the mangrove preservation group of the village.
For this festival, we believe this is a great opportunity for the local community to develop their own need,
maintain the beauty of the village and invite international exchange to celebrate and share ideas. Through

workshops, volunteering programs, art and music festivals we hope to highlight the unique, simple ways of
Had Samran village.
You can check “HadSamran Project”on facebook.


1- To support and be part of Had Samran volunteer team.
2- To inspire and get inspired by each other.
3- To exchange techniques, knowledge, wisdom, experience, cultures, dreams … through the workshops and daily life.

4- To continue to improve the social life of Had Samran village and offer more possibilities to local people to join common activities.

The 4-5 first days will be used to prepare the workshops, decorate the area and few building (stage, tepees,
garbage, shops, toilets, kitchen, compost…)
Then the next 4 days will have workshops and animation. Volunteers will organize/ join these workshops
while other will continue the concert preparation for the big event on April 13 th .We will make some daily meetings and organize teams for each task needed. So the work can be really
various or specialize in one task (cooking, decoration, garbage, security, animation, a workshop you want to
We need your full motivation and support
On April 14 th will be cleaning days and we will take 2 days holidays to relax together on 15-16.

Volunteers should be able to handle spontaneous working environment and constant changes in the plans.
The work may be demanding and you will not have much privacy. We hope to organize activities with the
children and teenagers. To have responsibility for you, the people around and full involvement in community
matters is a must. For the 2 weeks, you will be leaded by a DaLaa member/staff who will help to coordinate
the project and other individual volunteers.

Volunteers will sleep in tepees we will build close to the beach. You can also bring your tent or hammock if
you prefer, a sleeping bag or a small mattress if you want to be more comfortable. There are basic toilets,
showers and a kitchen that we will organize before the start. We have a chef used to cook for large amount of
people and a team of volunteers will help him. We will cook rice (or noodles) 2 times a day with side dishes
like curries, omelettes, local leaves and vegetables. Volunteers will be welcome to cook their own food using
the ingredients available there. (No oven, only a gas and woks or pans).

PARTICIPATION FEE: 8,000 Baht per person