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TH-DA 13.6106 TAILANDIA TAILANDIA Environment / Social 21/06/2018 04/07/2018


Country: Thailand

Start Date: 21 Jun 2018

End Date: 04 Jul 2018

Topic: 13: Community life

Work Types: Environment / Social

International age:18 - 99

Extra fee to be paid in the hosting country:

8000.00 Thai Baht

Purpose of extra costs:

The fee will be used on one part for living expenses (gas, water, electricity, food, transport) and materials used in projects/activities and for the other part to support financially our organization. Volunteers’ fee is our only income.

Required Language: English

Spoken Language: English

Description: Since 2015, an active group of Tamek villagers, in the mountainous area of South Thailand (Trang province) decided to gather and take a strong responsibility in the preservation of their rich forest environment. They want to bring awareness both to locals and strangers concerning the importance of water, forest, plants, animals…How to live in harmony all together. They created a center and organize regular activities with villagers, volunteers from Thailand and abroad. Activities ranges from rivers small dams to tree local species nursery, planting and collecting edible plants, field trip in the forest and also fun activities with local kids and villagers. Bringing life to this center is already a step to forest preservation.

Type of Work: During this work camp, volunteers will get a chance to join hands with the community members to preserve nature, while they can learn about their way of living. During the weekends, we will be creating activities and games with children and young people to open their views and let them learn about international culture. We plan to adjust surrounding around the community learning center, continue the edible garden and the tree nursery. We should be able to build a small stream dam to preserve humidity and water even during the dry season. We plan also a trip to the forest to get in true contact with the nature. We will organize home stay as well for 1 or 2 nights.

Study Theme: AIMS of the PROJECT • To support Tamek learning center in its forest preservation aims. • To inspire and get inspired in preserving nature • To involve participants in keeping alive Tamek community (especially with children) • International culture exchange

Accommodation: Volunteers will stay in a wooden hut lifted from ground on the border of the forest. It can accommodate 20 people where it is used to be everything from evening meeting to sleeping place. There are 3 bathrooms close by with availability of electricity and water supply (pipe water from the mountain). Volunteers can hang mosquito net up to the ceiling and look for their own cozy corners. There will be simple mats, pillow and mosquito net.

Language: only very few people in the village can speak good English. We will teach you some basic Thai language during the start of your project. Non verbal communication will be as well essential.

Requirements: The volunteers should be ready to stay in a remote area, to adapt to the local conditions with only basic facilities. There is no phone connection, neither Internet at the project place. Very few local people are able to speak in English. Volunteers should be able to handle spontaneous working environment and constant changes in the plans. The mentality and way of thinking is very different.

Approximate Location: Tamek village is part of Nayong district of Trang, province, South Thailand