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CYA1834 CAMBOYA Camboya ENVI/CULT/DEV 18/03/2018 29/03/2018

Trapang Sangke Fishing Community, Environment, Culture, and Construction


The community is located along the sea-string area about 30km from Kampot town so that children are facing difficulty to enroll the language, computer class or any other skills in town.

We were suggested by community people to focus on English teaching and to provide some other education materials for children in these communities. In addition, there are also in need of volunteers to work on mangrove field. TrapaingSangke and Kampong Samky fishing communities plan to plant at least ten thousand mangrove trees by 2013. Hence, CYA see this as an opportunity for hosting international volunteers to work on this field. We believe that

through organizing voluntary service in these communities, we can help the local communities to develop, plus it will be a good experience for volunteers to work on environmental issues and to explore the living lifestyles of these two communities.

TFC welcomes individuals who are passionate about environmental and physical contribution.

As an eco-village, you are not only working as active promoters for environmental and sea-life preservation, but enjoying the atmosphere of the natural environment.


Food and Accommodation

Volunteers are going to stay in the bungalows provided at the campsite with assistant from a local host. The accommodation is equipped with simple sleeping mattress, blankets, pillows and mosquito nets. There are separated bathroom and toilet where the water is from underground. It is not very perfect but this is what the villagers use, and find it very comfortable for their daily life. The volunteers are going to cook by themselves using the kitchen built by the volunteers from the previous workcamps.


Aims of the workcamp

- To engage with the local children and teenagers in daily work using English language and interaction with international and national volunteers

- To participate with local community in setting up their eco-tourism and protect their mangroves forest and fishing area

- To maintain mangrove forest along the sea string to prevent future flood by the sea level rising

- To exchange and learn about Cambodian culture between international, national

volunteers and local people.

- To explore unique experience of being able to explore the life feature that has not

commonly seen by all.


Workcamp Activities

- Meeting people and children for socializing with the local residence on purpose multicultural learning and sharing.

- Organizing educational workshops with kids and teenagers in primary school and secondary school about various topics in environmental education. This activity can’t be expected to be regularly implemented that volunteers need to make effort in attracting them into learning as they might not focus primarily on their daily tasks after coming from school.

- Visiting local village in purpose of seeing the real situation of living standard of the family in the village.

- Collecting the mangrove seeds from the mangrove forest, nurse the mangrove seeds, and plant the mangrove trees

- Construct the walking path in the mangrove forest as continuation from the previous work

Extra fee: USD 220.00


• Food for 3 meals a day @ the campsite provided by the hosting family, but you are going to help for the cleaning and washing
• Accommodation @ the campsite in the volunteer house
• Camp’s materials
• Local transportation within the project period
• CYA administration charge
• Construction Cost (if any)

• Volunteers are requested to bear their own health and travel insurance.
• Please be aware that all personal expenses on free-day expenses are excluded.
• Public transportation on the arrival day, transportation to the project site.
• Ingredients for the international dinner