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GIEDLTV 09 FILIPINAS Barangay Sab-ahan, Bais City AGRI/EDU 01/08/2017 28/02/2018


Inday Pita Tevez-Escaño Educational Training Center

TYPE: AGRI/EDU   PERIOD: August&February

ADDRESS: Barangay Sab-ahan, Bais City

 Promote scientific farming using suitable crops and livestock in optimizing the productivity of the school and the community;
 Enhance the knowledge, skills, attitudes and spiritual consciousness of the students and their families towards sustainable farming;
 Develop young farmers and the out-of school youth in the community through the Alternative Learning System or Open High school so they can continue on vocational-technology courses or degree courses.
 Develop socio-entrepreneurship among upland youth who are driven by an emotional and spiritual desire to address social, ecological, and economic conditions such as poverty, forest denudation and educational deprivation;
 Enhance collaboration among students, parents, people’s organizations, LGUs and other stakeholders in sustainable agricultural based enterprise;
 Develop local farmer/teacher volunteers who are sensitive to the needs of the community.

 Development of organic farming and other agricultural related activities
 Academic and non-academic related studies and learning
 Community development activities

COMMUNITY CONTEXT: Brgy. Sab-ahan is a forest reserve area, inhabited with 7,078 people making it the most populated Brgy. in Bais (NSCB, 2007). It is where Meralco Foundation, Inc. (MFI) established a Family Farm School (FFS) whose main goal is to transfer agricultural technology and develop skills of upland farmers by providing a techno-demo farm for abaca and coffee farming. On its 16 years of existence, it also provided access to free agricultural based education for High School students.
La Consolacion College (LCC), Bais City, spiritually driven by its philosophy to bring to the doorsteps of the upland youth a higher education that would help alleviate poverty has the over-arching objective of Sustainable and Accessible Community College for the Upland Youth to enhance Health, Education, and Productivity in Eco-Industrial Agriculture
Through concerted efforts of LCC, MFI, FPD and other stakeholders, the establishment of a Sustainable and Accessible Community College that the program hopes to achieve shall be sustainable, viable and local specific to the real situation and needs of the upland youth, their family members and the community.

 Flexible, open-minded and able to adopt the local situation
 Sociable and can easily mingle with Official, staff, volunteers without prejudice, etc.
 Understand the very limited physical presence or inability of Receiving Organization during monitoring & or evaluation
 Commitment to regular updates/reporting/monitoring through mobile, online communication
 Independent and requires less supervision
 Innovative, industrious, adventurous, creative and fun loving
 Will commit to fulltime work while in the country
 Have keen interest or who has a background in organic farming, agri-related development, hog raising and other farming activities

 Assist in the farm and other agriculture related activities
 Assist the school’s community development program with their partner rural communities

HOST SITUATION: Live in the Host Project

NOTE: LTV 6 months program cost is Euro 1,800. LTV 12 months cost is Euro 3,000.00. We strictly observe the start of LTV program during the months of August and February only to follow the full program.