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GIEDLTV 06 FILIPINAS Lucena City SOCI/EDU 01/08/2017 28/02/2018


Abcede Memorial Library Foundation

TYPE: SOCI/EDU   PERIOD: August&February

ADDRESS: Ilang-Ilang Street, Employees Village, Brgy. Gulang Gulang, 4301 Lucena City

 To realize a self-sustaining children’s Information Center that is volunteer-driven and community-led
 To involve the community in the promotion of love for reading books with children
 To serve as resource center for students and teachers, youth and adults; individuals and organizations interested in the library’s endeavours.

 Setting-up community libraries
 Increasing teaching effectiveness
 Empowering the tomorrow’s leaders
 Cultivating a culture of volunteerism
 Storytelling
 Reading Program
 Workshop/capacity building
 Special Tutorial Classes (Science, Math and English)
 Arts, dance, singing, etc. workshops
 Development of life skills

The Abcede Memorial Library was named and dedicated to Euclides Almiranez Abcede who was a human rights lawyer who fought the Marcos dictatorship in 1970's to 1980's. He was recognized as "an outstanding legal luminary of the province" in a resolution of Quezon Provincial Legislature in 1981. He was appointed OIC Mayor of Lucena in 1986 and co-founded the Pasayahan sa Lucena(then called "Mardi gras sa Lucena"). He negotiated with the CPP-NPA the release of several military hostages and was a member of the government peace panel. He was a recipient of Quezon Medalya ng Karangalan in 2003.
The Library Center is located in a Private village in Lucena City, Quezon. Nearby are poor residents who are mostly migrants from all over the country and most of the women are housewives. Moreover, majority of the adults are elementary graduates and the average number of members in a household is around five to eight. As much as children in the area want to get higher education, elementary and secondary schools are far off from the sitio. Despite tuition fees to content with, poor families still confront the basic issues on transportation and food allowance of their children.

 Have a bigger heart for the disadvantaged, less privileged
 Flexible, open minded and able to adopt local life situations
 Independent and can handle limited supervision from local host project
 Understand the very limited physical presence or inability of Receiving Organization during monitoring & or evaluation
 Commitment to regular updates/reporting/monitoring through mobile, online communication
 Creative, Innovative, Adventurous and fun loving
 Sociable and Team player
 Competent and with Sense of Community

 Assist in the setting-up of Community Libraries
 Assist in the Teacher Training Program
 Assist in the development of Volunteer Education
 Assist the staff/local volunteers in the development of promotional materials/reports eg. news/magazines, audio & video presentations, website and other online social media, etc.
 Assist other related community development programs

HOST SITUATION Living with host family (expect to have a shared room with your host sister or brother)

NOTE: LTV 6 months program cost is Euro 1,800. LTV 12 months cost is Euro 3,000.00. We strictly observe the start of LTV program during the months of August and February only to follow the full program.