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GIEDLTV 03 FILIPINAS Davao City DISA/EDU 01/08/2017 28/02/2018


Philippine Accessible Deaf Services, Inc.

TYPE: DISA/EDU   PERIOD: August&February 

ADDRESS: Daniel M. Perez Central Elem. School-SPED Center, Purok Bunawan, Davao City

 To train and form volunteers with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to become competent and creative people; who are open to change; having a deep sense of justice and faith expressed in their concern and commitment to the service of the disadvantaged especially the Deaf.
 Deepen her/his acceptance of self and others and to develop the inner freedom to make a responsible commitment as volunteers
 Develop his/her being as a person for others in relationships with the Deaf, fellow volunteers and people in general
 Provide a support system and continuing education for volunteers

 Deaf Education (formal, non-formal and catechism/religion)
 Facilitators, logistics, coordinators for seminars, workshops, retreats and recollections and Deaf camps

ORGANIZATION/COMMUNITY CONTEXT PADS Davao in partnership with Daniel M. Perez Central Elementary School-SPED Center operates a regular SPED Program for PWD specifically the hearing impaired.. This center caters different hours of teaching starting from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. The school has daily routine like every morning everybody should participate flag ceremony right after cleaning the rooms. For teachers and staff should follow appropriate dress code for formality and modest appearance when teaching students. Davao City, on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, is a coastal commercial center near 2,954 m-high Mount Apo, the country’s highest peak. It has a population of 1,449,296 people, making it the fourth-most-populous city in the Philippines and the most populous in Mindanao.

 Committed and dedicated
 Willing to make a difference in the Deaf community
 Competent and creative
 Flexible, open-minded and able to adopt the local situation
 Independent and requires less supervision
 Innovative, industrious, adventurous and fun loving
 Understand the very limited physical presence or inability of Receiving Organization during monitoring & or evaluation
 Commitment to regular updates/reporting/monitoring through mobile, online communication

 Assist the staff/ trainers/facilitators in volunteer preparation activities
 Assist the staff in the daily office work like development of promotional materials like print, audio and video presentations
 Assist volunteer related advocacy campaigns in schools, communities, institutions and other events
 Mingle with the children/volunteers and other clients/partners without prejudice and to share also his/her experiences from the country where s/he came from

HOST SITUATION Living with host family (expect to have a shared room with your host sister or brother)

NOTE: LTV 6 months program cost is Euro 1,800. LTV 12 months cost is Euro 3,000.00. We strictly observe the start of LTV program during the months of August and February only to follow the full program.