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NICE-LW-MI 18-1 JAPÓN Minamata, Kumamoto. ENVI,AGRI 12/01/2018 08/04/2018

Minamata 18-1 (Kumamoto) | NICE-LW-MI 18-1 | 2018-01-12 - 2018-04-08 | ENVI,AGRI | Age: 18 - 99

Organized together with Shokubutsu Shigen No Chikara’ (Power of Natural Resource), a local NPO to recover natural ecosystem cycles by promoting the regeneration and rebirth of land & sea forests. It’s been hosting short term international workcamps almost every year since 92 that has made a significant impacts to create a forest on the reclaimed land. They will continue forest reconstruction, environmental education, agricultural work and development work of the regional cultural activities. Minamata had experienced the unique industrial pollution in the world (It is called Minamata disease).So, they want to make natural ecosystem cycles here for global environment.

Work: Aim is to make cyclical environmental preservation within the affected areas. We will maintain bamboo forest (cutting bamboo trees etc.), make bamboo charcoals. We will support local farmers (harvesting, taking care of vegetables etc.).

Accomodation and food: Shared the room in local house. Cooking by yourselves.

Location: Minamata, Kumamoto.

Location and Leisure: Southern part of Kumamoto prefecture in Kyushu, one of the four main islands of Japan. It faces a beautiful semi-closed sea called Shiranui-kai and has some gorgeous natural scenery.

Train/Bus station: From Tokyo, 4 hours by airplane (to Kagoshima airport) and bus. You need to arrive at Narita or Haneda airport by 08:00 the 1st day, and can leave Japan after 22:00 on last day).

Requirements: Speaking some Japanese! Motivation to learn and speak Japanese language, strong motivation for the host.

Language: eng,jap

Extra Fee: 12000 JPY

Other activities: Participation in the local events etc. Sightseeing, short trip (hot springs, famous places here). Participation fee: 12,000 yen per one month to be paid on their arrivals. There is no fee for vols. from the NGOs charging no fee in their LMTV projects to NICE vols.