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NICE-LI-SH18-1 JAPÓN Shintoku, Hokkaido. AGRI,SOCI 12/01/2018 08/04/2018

Shintoku 18-1 (Hokkaido) | NICE-LI-SH18-1 | 2018-01-12 - 2018-04-08 | AGRI,SOCI | Age: 18 - 99

Organized together with Kyodo Gakusha Shintoku Farm, a cooperative community where people with various backgrounds such as mentally disadvantaged, people who are tired of city life, who wants to learn farming, etc. They have five communities in Tokyo, Nagano and Hokkaido and grow animals and vegetables in ecological, organic way with utilizing Bacterium. Their cheese got the 1st prize in the national contest!

Work: Volunteer will do various types of agricultural works (planting, weeding, cultivating, harvesting, to make organic vegetables, taking care of animals, milk processing, etc.) as well as house work. We will develop the rangeland.

Accomodation and food: Shared room (male and female are separated) in volunteer house, cooked as a group by turns.

Location: Shintoku, Hokkaido.

Location and Leisure: Agricultural country side, 120 km east of Sapporo. Minus 20 degree in winter and 20 in summer.

Train/Bus station: From Sapporo, 4 hours by express train. From Tokyo, 2 hours by airplane (to Shin-chitose airport) or 32 hours by ship. Before join program and after finishing project, you need to join seminar near Tokyo. You need to arrive at Narita or Haneda airport by 08:00 the 1st day, and can leave Japan after 22:00 on last day).

Requirements: Motivation to learn and speak Japanese language, strong motivation for the host. Skills of agriculture or construction can be useful!

Language: jap,eng

Extra Fee: 12000 JPY

Other activities: Joining the local festivals. Sightseeing, short trip (hot springs, famous places here). Participation fee: 12,000 yen per one month (6,000 yen from the 4th month) to be paid on their arrivals. There is no fee for vols. from the NGOs charging no fee in their LMTV projects to NICE vols. Others: * IMPORTANT!! If you want to end on another day (either shorter or longer), please choose among the following dates and clearly write on your application form; 04/08, 05/13