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SAS09 ARGENTINA Buenos Aires SOCI 01/02/2017 31/01/2018

Name of the Project: Pecohue - Compost and Vegetable production.

Project CODE: SAS09

Date: 1 February 31 January

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Country: Argentina

Theme or type of Project: Organic Production, Sustainable development, Social inclusion.


Aims of the project: Pecohue is a program that aims to promote the socialization and integration of young vulnerable people by facilitating the acquisition of work habits. It also aims to develop their skills, responsibility and autonomy.

Project activities: This project takes place in Agronomía, a neighborhood of Buenos Aires. The participants produce vegetable and compost. The final production is sold and the benefits are fairly shared between the participants.

Community context: The project is located in the area of the University of Agronomy. They work with youngsters coming from difficult backgrounds; most of them have had some psiquiatric treatment and are working in the project as a way of social inclusion.


Volunteer´s requirements

General Requirements

•               Basic Spanish level

•               Initiative to propose independent activities

•               Interest in learning about NGOs and social programs in Argentina

•               Sensitivity to social and economic problems

•               Flexibility to adapt to the NGO structure and way of working in South America

•               Teamwork

•               Creative character and motivation

•               Interest in youth development


Specific Requirements

•               Interest in working in contact with nature in a big city


Volunteer´s tasks


*Work together with the beneficiaries of the project maintaining the vegetable garden, producing organic food, creating new plants and helping in activities related to the agriculture process. They will cooperate to get the objectives of the project.


Volunteers will have weekly meetings to discuss various topics in order to understand and complement their social intervention as volunteers. Besides, we aim to provide them with a complete social, historical, political and economic background.

There will be solidarity activities planned for all the volunteers to have common inter-exchanges, like festivals, workshops in schools, etc.


Host situation: According to the capacity of the volunteer´s house, volunteers could be hosted there with a capacity of up to 14 volunteers, kitchen, shared bathrooms, wi fi, shared rooms. It is located in Avellaneda. In case the house is full, we can offer a host family or a residence.

Volunteers should be flexible to eat local food. Besides, we will provide them with ingredients for cooking in the house. Be prepared to live in a communitarian environment!

In case the volunteer`s house is full volunteers can be hosted in a host family or in a hostel.

Number of volunteer in project                2 volunteers maximum


Participation fee: If the volunteer is hosted in the volunteers’ house or in a host family the participation fee is € 360 (euros) per month. It includes accommodation, food, and coordination and administration costs.

If the volunteer is hosted in the hostel in the capital, the participation fee is € 340 (euros) per month. It includes accommodation, coordination and administration costs.